All of our programs qualify for one of these nds accepted discounts. All discounts are issued at the time of registration only and will be adjusted off the remaining balance. Some discounts can be combined with other discounts. Any discount can be combined with a payment plan. Please see specific discount for combination options:

Partner Discount: $25
Offered to two students who would like to pair up to do the driving portion together.  Must receive registrations in the same day & customers must perform all driving lessons together.  This is offered as a one-time discount.

3rd+ Teen Dependent Discount: $25
Offered to the 3rd or more child coming from the same home. Parent must disclose names of at least two siblings for verification. Our database for completed students begins 1992 for Kitsap County and 2006 for Clallam/Jefferson County.

Military Discount: 5%
For active military or active military dependents possessing ID only. Copy of active military ID or dependent ID is required at registration time.

Free Lunch Discount: 5%
Current year’s copy of Letter of Verification from the school district with student’s name clearly listed, to be provided at the time of registration.

Anniversary Special: $
The amount of years open (can be combined with one other discount). nds opened for business in February 1991.  Registration and deposit have to be accepted between February 1st – February 29th.

Payment Plans
Deposit remains the same with remaining tuition paid by Session #9 of registered class. We suggest registering for a class beginning three or four months in advance and breaking the balance into payments of $100 a month/$50 each payday. Other plans are discussed on a case-by-case basis in order to serve your individual needs. All payment plans must be approved, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your plan today.