DOL Knowledge & Skills Test

NDS is able to re-open on a by-appointment basis with restrictions and requirements to keep us all safe.

We will be able to resume most all of our services on a very limited basis, such as: In-person testing, including State Knowledge Tests; student drive lessons, and State Skills Testing.

Some things to know if you’re interested in participating in any of these services:

  • Your/your student’s participation is voluntary and NOT required at this time.
  • All protocol determined by all governing bodies will be strictly adhered to.
  • All participants must bring and wear face masks, gloves, and bring a writing utensil along with the usual permit, etc. or participant will be required to reschedule.
  • Participants will remain in their vehicle until the Drive Car returns and then approach only when previous participant has left and Instructor is waiting outside the vehicle.
  • Persons are not to congregate and must maintain 6-foot physical distancing at all times (exception within the training car). Only Examiner/Instructor and participant are allowed inside the vehicle.
  • Everyone is required to sign a log every time they are on-site or in-car including their name, phone number and email.
  • Participants cannot be in the “High-Risk” category set forth by the Governor’s office. Any persons displaying any symptoms will be asked to reschedule.
  • We continue to reserve the right to refuse service.

While we are excited for the opportunity to help the need, our MAIN concern is and will always be the health of our staff, students, participants and families. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Please contact us to schedule your appointment today. See the current test schedule at right (or scroll down on your phone).

Please bring with you:

  • Your State ID Number (also known as a License, Permit or WA State ID or DLN)
  • Picture identification
  • $35 in cash, exact change, or check
  • COVID-appropriate materials listed above

If you do not have a WA State Number, you need to pre-apply. For information on how to do this, visit

If a student has ever held a Washington State ID Card the student already has a number.

Once you’ve passed the Knowledge Test, you’ll be eligible to schedule the Skills (Driving) Test! It costs $60 and includes the use of our vehicle so you would need to be eligible to use our automatic Scion XB without any special equipment installed. We can usually get you in within just a day or so. You can schedule this in person after you pass your Knowledge Test with the Examiner on-site. You can also contact us to book by phone, email or Facebook messenger but please have your WA State ID number handy.

Thank you for your patience! Stay safe!

Phone: 360-565-1000