What Parents Say

Very good reputation… I was very impressed by the commitment of the instructors!

Sara and John P.

I was told by a friend that you were the best… Homework with every class and more drives than the other schools… The instructors all had positive attitudes for the students… I know I got the best education for my son. It is so apparent through his driving skills… You have taken a lot of stress off of this mom… Thank you so much!

Teresa M.

Very helpful…you offered a superior product!

Mark and Christine D.

On a scale of on to five would rate the instructors performance in the classroom and in the car a number five… Our son was really instilled with a sober reality of the serious responsibility he has driving a car.

Susan and Thom W.

I thought that the amount of driving time was good for beginners (more than others offered.) My son is a very conscientious driver! I feel very safe riding with him.

Denise G.

All of the instructors were excellent in teaching class and the car…Ed is a very good instructor behind the wheel!

David and Corinne F.

Materials mailed out promptly, information clear… Excellent reputation… He knows more rules of the road than I do!

Lisa A.

What Students Say

It was clearly understandable… No complications for me… I wasn’t as nervous as a I thought I’d be, friendly instructors were nice… The instructors seemed to relate to me well, they didn’t have a “know-it-all” attitude… I really enjoyed the course and am glad that I took it!

Amanda F.

Although I was nervous sometimes before the drive, I relaxed and did well… Ed, Roxanne, and Jeff were extremely good teachers… Both Ed and Roxanne made me feel comfortable and told me how to fix my mistakes!

Jacob H.

They told me what to do and if I was doing it wrong they told me to fix it… Ed made me laugh a lot and Roxanne laughed with us! I wasn’t afraid to ask questions they made that easy!

Jayme S.

Sometimes I didn’t understand what the book was saying but Jeff cleared it all up in class… I loved driving with Ed, he keeps the atmosphere funny and makes it easier to forget your taking a test… You improved my driving without pressuring or making me feel like I really didn’t know what I was doing!


Ed was very descriptive with directions in the car and Jeff was always helpful in the car…It was easy to ask for help when there was something I was confused about!

Shannon K.

The instructors made me feel at ease, and didn’t make me feel really bad when I made mistakes… Everyone was really friendly and helpful… The instructions were given in a way that made what was learned in class even clearer!

Elizabeth A.

The driving sessions helped me become more confident… I was not reprimanded or talked down to. I hardly had to ask for clarification!

Davey L.

I especially like how all the instructors kept asking if we had any questions, They were very approachable… I really felt like they were teaching life skills and took great interest in that and were always concentrated on teaching us driving skills.

Maureen O.

Jason makes me giggle… I’d so take this class over again… It was sweet!

Rachael J.

Both instructors were calm and reassuring due to their obvious expertise and experience…Everyone was very supportive and they explained why what you did was incorrect, which helped!

Megan K.

Jeff genuinely seemed like he wanted to teach us all he could and prepare us for a safe, inexpensive future of driving… I felt much better driving with your instructors, then with my parents even when my brakes didn’t work… I think it was a really good environment to learn in!

Samantha A.

It is a fun class and the instructors will make you laugh, but they are serious about the students…. it was a fun class… making jokes made it more fun!