Traffic Safety Education Courses

Six- to eight-week traffic safety education courses are available, and are geared more towards teens. Classes meet approximately two to three nights a week for classroom study and one to two nights a week for in-car instruction. The class is a total of 30 hours and the in-car instruction is a total of 13 hours. Upon completion, students receive a Traffic Safety Education Certificate. These lessons do not require Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License to begin. Students receive a waiver to obtain a learner’s permit without taking a knowledge test at the Department of Licensing. The waiver is only valid 10 days prior to class starting date.

Each location has a different schedule. Select a location to view map and schedule.

Additional drive time is available for the student who takes our 6-8 week course. Fee for extra drive time or Drive #11 and beyond is $50 per hour drive.

Adult Lessons are 1.5 hours in-car instruction only. Adults must be over the age of 18 and possess a Washington State Learner’s Permit. We require a minimum of two lessons, most people use between three and five lessons. The cost is $95 per 1.5- hour lesson. Pick-up for Adult Lessons is available for additional $30 per lesson. Download our Adult Driving Application (PDF).

Evaluation Drives are 1.5 hours long. Student must possess a Washington State License. We will provide a written evaluation upon completion. Cost is $130. Download our Evaluation Drive Application (PDF).

Driver Improvement Programs are two hours long. This program satisfies most court requirements for traffic infractions and may also entitle discounts on insurance. Students receive Certificate upon completion. Students must possess a valid Driver’s License from any state. Cost is $130.