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The initiative for our driving school came because we felt the mastery of skills in safe driving would save thousands of teen and adult lives each year. That’s why we are dedicated to teaching our students to DRIVE TO SURVIVE!

Classes consist of: 15 two-hour classes and 10 vehicle appointments, including a simulated critical task drive. Please allow two weeks after the last date of class for your student to complete drives, homework and tests.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER: Students MUST pre-apply for their permits before registering with us. Apply for your permit at

Upon completion of the course you will receive a “Completion” email stating the amount of class/driving hours student attended. Full completion will be uploaded directly to the state Department of Licensing when all nds requirements are met.

NDS Registration Form

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  • northwest driving school, inc. class registration form
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  • Min 15 years on first day
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  • Tuition: $495 ($135 of which is non-refundable and required to reserve your space)

  • Tuition: $495 ($135 of which is non-refundable and required to reserve your space)
    Trip Charges Apply:: $100 for Forks or Port Townsend (total $595), $25 for Sequim (total $520)
  • Registration & payment due and payable on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any remaining balance is due on the 5th classroom session. Discounts are only offered at the time of registration and automatically added to your balance.
    Trip Charges Apply:
    • $100 for Forks or Port Townsend (total $595)
    • $25 for Sequim (total $520)
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