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Please complete and submit the form below. You will receive an email confirming your pre-registration. We’ll verify the information provided and contact you within 1-2 business days to answer any questions and accept a credit card for your deposit.

Classes consist of: 15 two-hour LIVE ONLINE classes and 5 vehicle appointments & 4 ZED virtual drives. Please allow two weeks after the last date of class for your student to complete drives, homework and tests.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a “Completion” email stating the amount of class/driving hours student attended. Full completion will be uploaded directly to the state Department of Licensing when all nds requirements are met.


Students MUST pre-apply for their permits before registering with us, unless they have a WA State ID by chance. Apply for your permit at

NDS Registration Form

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  • northwest driving school, inc. class registration form
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Min 15 years on first day
  • Enter any eligible discounts. See our Discounts page for list.
  • Tuition: $525 ($135 of which is non-refundable and required to reserve your space)

  • Tuition: $525 ($135 of which is non-refundable and required to reserve your space)
    Trip Charges Apply:: $100 for Forks or Port Townsend (total $625), $50 for Sequim (total $575)
  • Registration & payment due and payable on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any remaining balance is due on the 5th classroom session. Discounts are only offered at the time of registration and automatically added to your balance.
    Trip Charges Apply:
    • $100 for Forks or Port Townsend (total $625)
    • $50 for Sequim (total $575)
  • You will be asked to sign a printed copy of this form at a later date.
  • By signing below, you agree to the terms of this contract, including the reverse side & accept the student curriculum, records, policies & guidelines enforced by nds; further accepting that this written contract supersedes any verbal agreement made with any staff member. You will receive a copy of the terms with your receipt upon registering.
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